who we are

Music Label

Straightup Project is a young music label born from the ambition of four friends to make a difference in the music industry by bringing a new way of thinking, a new way of being an artist in today’s world. We are making our path with passion, determination and ethic, focused on our goals and working hard to evolve and grow. No moutains are high enough to be impassable, that’s what we believe, and every move we make is powered by this philosophy.

Straightup Project is also a production and recording studio, we wanted to have at one’s disposal our own work tool to make music in a warm and cosy environment with the most talented artists in the most independent way. The Straightup Project’s studio was the headquarters of the former producers duo Young Veteran$, composed of Kendo & Chris Carson, multi-platinum awarded for their music. Today it’s the place where our artists are working their upcoming blueprints.

Every day we learn from new meetups, from majors managers to unknown artists, no one has to be neglected because in the music business you never know who will be the next to blow!

Created in 2015, our company purpose is to make good music, connect talented artists and be a reliable key player in the industry. At the very beginning we were 4, after a while the team grew up and we are now 10 associates. We draw our strenght in our very differents life paths, our very ecletics backgrounds and skills.

We are artists, engineers, infographists, accountants, and we all have the same zest for music, the same vision of what music should be, what does it reveal of us, what does it touch off. Music is about emotion and passion above all, it’s about moving your soul, digging deeply in your buried feelings, hurting you or healing you, revealing some parts of yourselves that you didn’t even knew. Music is your memory, music is your joy, music is your sadness, music is your love, your hate, your drives, your shelter… Music is all of that and more.

So, indeed we’re doing business but we never lose this faith, this craziness, that conscience that we are dealing here with a noble matter, we don’t forget our dreams, we don’t yield to some easy ways, we make things in accordance with our values and principles and it’s not going to change. This is the Straightup Project’s DNA.